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Industriële aanhangwagens: verkoop en herstelling

Groot aanbod industriële aanhangwagens verkrijgbaar tot een laadvermogen van 10 ton.
Zowel gesloten als open aanhangwagens, geremde en ongeremde aanhangers, grote en kleine remorken beschikbaar. Voor professionelen en particulieren.

Bel ons op +32 (0)3 321 70 04 of stuur een mail naar

Vraag ook naar ons aanbod kippers, plateau remorquen, autotrailers, motortrailers, enkelas en dubbelas aanhangwagens.
(maatwerk mogelijk)

Ook onderhoud en herstelling mogelijkheid van alle aanhangwagens en caravans.
We bevinden ons vlakbij de autokeuring van Willebroek. We kunnen dus uw aanhangwagen of caravan voorbereiden voor de verplichte jaarlijkse keuring.


Fabricant spécialisé dans la construction de remorques bateaux
depuis plus de 30 ans.

Sinds meer dan 30 jaar fabrikant gespecialiseerd in het bouwen van aanhangwagens voor boten.

Manufacturer specialized in the construction of boat trailers
since more than 30 years.

Toutes nos remorques sont livrées avec Attestation CE(COC - Certificat of Conformity)
Alle aanhangwagens zijn geleverd met CE(COC - Certificat of Conformity) Certificaat
All our trailers are supplied with CE(COC - Certificat of Conformity) Certificat


Comfort and safety

Thanks to an experience of 30 years in the construction of trailers, the last 25 years being entirely devoted to the BOAT-TRAILERS, we have managed to build a trailer responding to the-most-modern conceptions. This has been possible dus to the researchwork and the correction of TECHNICAL and PRACTICAL problems
by our own services on ons side, and on the other side thanks to the disclosures made by you - the customer. This trailer root only meets your proper requirement and the most strict security-standards, but is also a SAFE trailer - with a perfect FINISH and an APPROACHABLE PRICE.

Why a safe-traiter ?

Because the RIBA trailers are equipped with a suspension, whose reliability has-been proved in service,
and to which are added special shock-absorbers to obtain an ideal road-holding.
Our experience has allowed us to take care, in the largest possible way of the overload of the trailer during the holiday periods: 'A boat is so easily considered as a load-unit. The only exact-and justified solution to maintain an optimal road-holding, was found by installing one or more axles with a larger load capacity and a far larger calculaton of the brakesurface than provided for to meet the normal working conditions. The chassis are built following the most modern adaptations. It consists of ons single central beam of cold-hammered sectional tube to obtain an equal tension preventing deformation and rust. The frame which can be regulated on the chassis, allows an equal distribution of the load. A mechanical brake with progressive braking effect and fitted with a'Ruck-Matic' permits a problem free reservation.

Why a perfect finished trailer ?

Because the RIBA trailers are galvanised. Because the RIBA trailers have a swing-chassis allowing without effort the loading or unloading of heavy boats. Because the RIBA trailers are fitted with a large number of V-shaped sturdy hard rubber rotating rollers, mounted on cadmiumized axles, avoiding rust. Because the RIBA
trailers are the unic ones provided with a V-shaped rubber rear-guide excluding damage when loading or unloading the boat. Because all parts of the RIBA trailers are galvanized, even the removable signal board. Because the RIBA trailers have a jockey-wheel as well as a winch, spare-wheel and coverwheels.

Why a trailer at an approachable price ?

Because a RIBA trailer is simply the best you can get at such a.price.